RESPITE CARE -- Reality, Not Fantasy

What is Respite Care?  Per Wikipedia

"Respite care is the provision of short-term accommodation in a facility outside the home in which a loved one may be placed.  This provides temporary relief to those who are caring for family members, who might otherwise require permanent placement in a facility outside the home.

Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers of…adults…to support and maintain the primary care giving relationship.  Respite also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care.  The term "short break" is used in some countries to describe respite care.

Even though many families take great joy in providing care to their loved ones so that they can remain at home, the physical, emotional, and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without some support, such as respite.  Respite provides a break for the family caregiver, which may prove beneficial to the health of the caregiver.  60% of family caregivers age 19-64 surveyed recently by the Commonwealth Fund reported fair or poor health, one or more chronic conditions, or a disability, compared with only 33% of non caregivers.

Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver health and well-being, avoid or delay out-of-home placements, and reduce the likelihood of abuse and neglect.  An outcome based evaluation pilot study showed that respite may also reduce the likelihood of divorce and help sustain marriages."

Why should you consider Respite Care?

Caregiving can be extremely difficult, both physically and especially mentally.  The strength needed, the psychological toll, and the unending grind of caregiving can simply become too much.  To deny these truths is to make them even worse.  Whether a long weekend, a week away, a month away, or more/other, a refreshed and renewed caregiver is a far better caregiver than an exhausted and possibly angry caregiver.

There is no need to be a 24/7/365/forever hero.  In fact, are you helping or are you inadvertently hurting your loved one by being exhausted, totally spent?  And, are you expected to forego the balance of your life until you no longer have caregiving responsibilities?

Please don’t assume that your caregiving is the only solution or the best solution.  In our specialized world, we don’t expect the greatest heart surgeon to be the greatest handyman, nor vice versa.  Your loved one may very, very much enjoy a change of scenery, by going into Respite Care.

Just imagine if you could test drive (or short-term lease) a car for a while (or extended period) before you chose to purchase it…Well, with Respite Care, your loved one can live in Gracious Living Estates for a while, whether a long weekend, a week, a month, or longer.  And, with a smile, we strongly believe that they will like GLE, perhaps a lot.  As the old commercial said, “Try it…You’ll like it.”  Use Respite Care to see if there is a long-term fit.

Is there something wrong with Respite Care?

Absolutely not.  Absolutely, absolutely not.  We treat all Residents, whether permanent or Respite Care, with the highest level of Professional Loving Care.
All Respite Care Residents are treated specially, for their unique individual needs, and normally, with the care and affection that we have for all Residents.  Everybody’s special, and everybody is part of our entire Resident Family.

Why choose Gracious Living Estates for your Respite Care?

We are extremely confident in our abilities to provide Professional Loving Care for each of our Residents, whether permanent or Respite Care.  We cherish and nurture each and every Resident.

Just a Gracious Living Estates is the best senior living value in the Northeast, Respite Care at GLE offers the same wonderful combination of high quality service at a most reasonable price.

We look to meet the needs of you and your loved one.  We actively listen to your challenges, and we work with you to come up with solutions.  And, we are brutally honest.  We will tell you when we are your best solution, and we will tell you when we are not, while providing expertise on alternate solutions..