While the majority of GLE Residents are fully mobile, a reasonable number need partial assistance with mobility or utilize wheelchairs.  GLE is fully and easily accessible for all levels of mobility.  Especially for Resident safety (from falls), the majority of GLE Residents receive bathing assistance.

GLE’s food is delicious and nutritious—And very flexible.  Our augmented continental breakfasts, along with health-related menu flexibility, demonstrate our devotion to our Residents.

GLE has an enormous Activity Room and a similarly oversized Great Room.  There is also an Exercise Area, on-site Beauty Salon, and t​wenty-four (24) gorgeous, gently sloping acres—with visiting families of deer, wild turkeys, and red foxes.

There is no need to drive, there is no dependence on friends and/or family, there is no dependence on outside commercial or community services…GLE gets its Residents where they need to go.

GLE is a Personal Care Home, colloquially providing what most other states call “assisted living.”  Most simply put, we serve those with any need of help on ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living).  Some Residents don’t want to cook, clean, and do laundry.  Others may have impaired mobility, (earlier stages of) dementia, or other concerns.  Of course, in general, we are not a SNF (nursing home).  But, rather than speculate, please contact GLE with any questions if a Resident or prospective Resident is a good bit for GLE’s services.

Facts are wonderful…And they make “houses.”  But warm feelings and professional loving care turn a “house” into a “home.”  Visit our home, Gracious Living Estates, to see for yourself…And join the GLE family.

Gracious Living Estates is a 65-bed Personal Care Home in Montrose, PA.  It has faithfully served the seniors of Northeast Pennsylvania since 1998.  GLE meets all of the food, shelter, and personal needs of its Residents.

​​​​​​​​​​GLE’s unit mix is roughly:

1/3rd Privates
1/3rd Semi-Private Deluxes
1/3rd Semi-Privates

About Gracious Living Estates